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September 11, 2017

Get a UPS (or several)

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Given the reasonable prices, a home uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a good idea for computer enthusiasts. It can save a hard drive as well as reduce wear and tear on your equipment. If you have your own DVR which you own, I’d suggest getting one for it as well. While I do not live in an area prone to frequent extended outages, I get power fluctuations and brownouts on occasion, and having a UPS has saved me a bunch of hassle. Also, since I have an enterprise network switch, it keeps my network from being down when those fluctuations occur. The switch takes about a minute to reboot, and I’d be offline the entire time. And if there are several power events over a short time, the repeated reboots would take me down for even more time, in addition to the stress on the equipment. Amazon has a good selection of them, and I’ve had good experiences with APC.

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