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September 9, 2012

Dissonant Voices in the Chorus of Agreement

Filed under: blacks, liberarianism, political correctness, race, war on drugs, welfare — Robert Wicks @ 4:10 pm

Recently, I have been listening to new voices and perspectives from blacks regarding many of the endemic problems which affect black Americans. There are conservative groups on Facebook and around the Internet which cater to blacks.There are various pan African groups and individuals. One of the most interesting of these rarely heard voices is the Internet talk show, Your World, My Views, hosted by psychologist and former comedian Tommy Sotomayor. I have found this show to be absolutely fascinating. It is rare that we hear disagreement among blacks without the immediate shouting down of those who differ as “sellouts” or some other inflammatory name. But this is one such rare show.

Hearing the observations of others on the disintegration of black families and culture is wonderful. It is important for many voices to be heard. When an engineering team looks at solving a problem, having a variety of perspectives is crucial in developing truly innovative, effective solutions, and the repair of black America is a truly massive engineering prospect. As I have mentioned before, the great enemies of blacks in America, especially men, are the government policies of welfare and the war on drugs. This has essentially killed much of what black manhood has meant.

We need more of this honest dialog, and even vehement disagreement, in order to actually solve the problems which plague us.

Note that the site may contain some NSFW content.

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